Q.  How do I apply for jobs on this website?

To apply for any jobs on the website, please contact the advertiser directly using the contact form on their advert page.

We cannot answer any questions about  jobs posted by other employers/ agencies.

Q. Which Languages can I submit my Job Advert in?

You can submit your advert in English only, or English AND one of the other website languages(French, Spanish,  Polish, Romanian,). We may add more language options with time. The job posting form  allows you to submit the same advert once in multiply languages. This then helps if the person looking at your advert chooses a different language to view the site in.

Q. Which Country section should I submit my Job Advert to?

This site is primarily aimed at nursing, midwifery, care and other medical / healthcare jobs in UK and Ireland. However, you can post ads for other countries. For region this should normally be the county or province. i.e for a nursing job in Leicester, You would post country as United Kingdom, County as Leicestershire and City as Leicester. See Tips for posting

Q. Can I have my article placed on this site?

If your article is relevant and non commerical , then yes. If it is a commericial article, we may reject it or charge a fee.

Use contact page to get in touch to discuss.


Q. How much does a job advert cost

Job adverts are currently free. When you log into your account to post any adverts it will tell you if there is a cost or not.


Q. Why do I need to create a job posting account

Registering allows you to see and control all your adverts - edit, delete etc. It also allows others users to see all your adverts at the same time, and finally it helps us reduce the number of spambot adverts. If you do not wish to register,  then use the contact form to send all details of your advert and the website administrator will post it for you. Cost will be £10 admin fee  plus whatever the cost of job advertising  is at that time.


Q. Can I have my link on your links page?

Yes, as long as you have linked to us, your link is relevant, and there are no more than 30 links on our links page. Career, charity, and educational links preferred. with the exception of partners, commercial links will not be accepted. commercial organisations can ask about other site advertising opportunities instead.

Just send details using the contact page


Q. Can I have my banner  on this website

Please use the contact form to get in touch to discuss this.  Banners are currently restricted to 3 sections of the website only.


Q. Can I have a partnership job posting account

Yes. Please use the contact form to inform us of your proposals. Partnership accounts will save you money when ads are charged in the future.


Q. I have come across a technical error?

This is a new site and we are aware there are a few bugs and errors, we hope to fix all of them with time.