Why the UK Faces a Nursing Shortage


The United Kingdom currently maintains significant unfilled nursing vacancies. Many experts believe the problem will increase in scope in the future unless policy makers take prompt corrective action to address the issue.

This article briefly explores the debate concerning the number of nurses in the UK. It also examines some of the possible reasons underlying the current shortage. Full Nursing Article

Could the UK Healthcare system survive without EU Nurses and Carers?


The Freedom of Movement act allows all EU citizens the right to live and work in any other part of Europe.

What has this meant for the United Kingdom is that people from other parts of Europe with skills needed in the UK can come here freely.

Part of this influx has been EU Nurses and EU Care Workers who can work in the UK and provide quality labour skills. And for the most part this has been a positive experience. But this directive has been a source of much controversy among the British public. Read More